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Harris Hill

Harris Hill is located in south central New York State just south of Big Flats and west of Elmira. The site is approximately 750 feet in altitude over the valley which itself lies at aprox 780 ft ASL. The site faces NW favoring slightly a WNW wind. The launch is a steep slope launch, as are many in the area.  The HG launch is also located very near Harris Hill Glider Port (sail planes), which is also the location of the National Soaring Museum. Schwietzer Aircraft Company, one time maker of the well known sail planes is located in the valley to the north of Harris Hill.

Site  guide and diagram

Indian Cliffs

This launch site is located just SSW of the Harris Hill HG launch, south of Big Flats and east of Elmira, NY. It is a steep slope launch above actual cliff like palisades. It faces roughly NNE and can take winds from N-NE. It is aprox 650-700 feet high above the valley LZ which is itself aprox 1,000 ft ASL.

Site guide and diagram


Katydid is a moderate slope launch facing WSW. The site can handle winds from the SW-W. It is roughly located about 5-6 miles east of Elmira, NY. Launch is at approx 800 ft above the valley LZ below, which is itself approx 800 ft ASL. 

Site guide and diagram

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